Immunology of reproduction in Pilsen

Immunology of reproduction has long history in Pilsen. Special consulation for reproductive immunology was founded in 1985. In the very beginning of its existence the Special consultation performed research on spermagglutinating antibodies in infertile couples. Later on, the examination of zona pellucida antibodies and seven various phospholipid epitopes to find antiphospholipid antibodies, playing important role during sperm penetration into oocyte, were added. Now, we study new methods for examination of immunological relationships between endometrium and the part of embryo called trophoblast.

We also examine cell imunity, especially cell factors called cytokines, which are very important in the process of fertilization.

Antibody activities are studied not only in serum, but also in cervical ovulatory mucus, peritoneal and follicular fluids, and in seminal plasma in men. It is necessary to investigate intraacrosomal proteins in sperm head as well as.

We focuse on examination of local mucosal cellular immunity (NK cells from endometrium) in strictly indicated patients (e.g. after two or more spontaneous abortions).

Specialization in gynecology and obstetrics combined with that in clinical immunology enables deep understanding of neuro-endocrine-immune relationships as possible causes of infertility and gives good chance for future treatment in the infertile couples.


I recommend:

  1. in couples with the first unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (I mean: a/infertile woman has got excellent oocytes, her partner excellent sperm cells, but the creation of embryo is missing, b/ embryo is perfect, but not accepted by uterus)

  2. after the second "uncessfull" IVF I recommend to make examination in reproductive immunology as must

  3. in women with unexplained repeated pregnancy loss

Requirements for immunological examination in infertile couples:

- Examination by a gynecologist including short infertility history and summary of previous examination and treatment.

- strict prohibition of smoking

- no hormones, antibiotics or drugs of abuse for 6 weeks in minimum before examination

- no high-fat food 24 hours before blood collection being part of the examination

- during five days before ovulatory mucus collection from cervix uteri (in time of ovulation) only intercourse protected by condom is allowed

The immunological examination consists usually of three parts:

1.  Visit 1 – detailed infertility history, blood collection in woman and man (see the requirements)

2.  Visit 2a/(for woman) : timed ovulatory mucus collection (painless procedure during the gynecological examination)
     Visit 2b (for man) : timed sperm collection (after four-five days of sexual abstinence, masturbation is needed)

3.  Visit 3: communication of results of immunological examination and recommendation of the treatment


Laboratory of reproductive immunology get quality certificate on 21.10.2010 (NASKL 1, no. RKL/0331/813)

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