What I like?

My family, my friends, a human being.
Properties as purposeful, assiduity, and integrity and diligency
The excellent Pilsner beer as well as chocolate, potatoes, and fish.
Riding mountain bike, kayaking, skiing
Piano concertos, especially B-moll by Tchajkovsky
Czech Sumava mountains
African arts
„Art“ of ability of giving ear to a person
Vladimir Rencin’s humour

What did influence my childhood and my adolescency?

Very modest life of my parents and their fantastic relationship to each other and to their children.
Books by and about Louis Pasteur, Indira Ghandi, Marie Curie-Sklodowski, Albert Schweitzer, later on the books of Czech travellers (Fric, Holub, Hanzelka and Zikmund)

My favorite authors and their books:

O.Pavel: all his literatures, particulary „The Gold Eels“, and „How I Met Fish“
K.Čapek: all his publications, especially „Gardener’s Year“, „Dashenka Dog“
Z.Frýbová: all her books
E.Hemingway: „The Old Man and the Sea“
Gor'kii Maksim
Robin Cook

What I miss?

The very strongly stimulating personalities like:
Prof. MUDr.V.Zavázal, DrSc.
Prof. MUDr.J.Presl, DrSc.
Prof. T.Hjort, MD

What I hate?

Stupidity, revengefulness, indifference
Disability to discuss problems
Violance, weapons
German dwarfs